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Advantages of Watching Animation

When we were kids we used to watch cartoons when we were little, but when we grew up the habit was abandoned. Though many positive benefits if you keep watching it.

– There’s always hope
All cartoons always have the message ‘noble’. Despite encountering difficulties or facing criminals, the main character will meet a happy ending. The key: want to try! People on Wall-E, Toy Story, Nemo, even Sherk have proven it. That is what makes cartoons a children’s favorite spectacle.

– Stimulates creativity
The reason is, we see the main character is able to do the impossible. For example, the cartoon Phineas and Ferb which always creates sophisticated tools and exciting games. Sometimes after watching it, new ideas emerge that can be applied in everyday life.

– Make happy
Cartoon movies do indeed invite us to reminisce back to childhood. Even though some people had a bad childhood, they would still remember the cartoon that made him happy at the time.



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